Friday, November 5, 2010

Love Thy Lace

So, two of my best friends had a rooftop birthday party this week and it was so much FUN!
I'd been thinking of wearing this girl-y black lace dress with bold red lipstick since a while (inspired by many Hollywood beauties and a friend who carry it off so well ;)), and this seemed like the perfect occasion to give it a  go!

The outfit made me feel a little Spanish for some reason!

Black lace frock-dress: New York thrift, Black cork wedges: Bella, Metallic Grey beaded necklace: gift

I've decided to find the perfect 'RED' for my lips and wear it more often, I feel every girl should own a red lipstick.

My supremely old black wedges which are more comfy than many of my flats!

A BIG Thank You to my talented friend Vanya for being my photographer :)

and, HAPPY DIWALI to all of you!, play safe and don't burn too many crackers!

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  1. so lovely!

    Happy to find your blog: I'm interested about other culture. ^^

    follow or give a look to my fashion blog, you are welcome

  2. Hey!

    Thank you Valentina, i'd love to tell you more about my culture, i'll try and post some pictures in Indian outfits in the future :)

  3. rukhman!!!!!!
    they came out sooooo nice!!!!
    i'm so happy i could help!!!

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit! (Where did you go thrifting in New York? I've tried once in East Village but without much luck).
    I love style blogs in general, and yours is a cute addition :)

    (Oh, this is Shruti D. by the way -- and seriously, tell me where you found good thrift stores in New York -- that are NOT expensive).

  5. @ Vanya : yay!
    @ Shruti: Brooklyn has this awesome shop called Beacons Closet, just google for address details, i went to this tiny thrift store in Soho in Manhattan which was cute, ive forgotten the name though. But, i found the best stuff in this mall in New Jersey of all places! :)

  6. Awesome Girl!! you finally wore the red lipstick... :)... Impressive work though...

  7. He he...yes!...i finally tried it :)
    Thank you soo much sweety!