Monday, November 15, 2010

DIY Eyes

This post is on special request. I'm gonna try and put down a step by step guide on how to put smudge proof and leak proof kajal/eyeliner. Since this is my first real DIY post, I'm not sure how good it'll be, let's just hope it helps :)


Liquid eyeliner: Any brand or brush type will do, i use Lakme High Definition eyeliner with the felt tip brush (awesome!) or Chanel Liquid eye-liner with the bristle brush.
The Lakme regular bristle brush eyeliner in the glass bottle is also good, You'll just have to get used to handling the brush a little.

Kajal stick: again, any brand will do, it should be dark and of good quality. Hashmi kajal, Mabelline, Revlon, Mac and Chanel all have good Kohl/Kajal pencils, pick one depending on your budget.

Mascara: Optional

Remember, Your product doesn't have to cost a bomb to be good, brands like Lakme, Mabelline, Revlon etc all make really good products with pocket friendly prices.


STEP 1: start with a clean eye, moisturise the eyelid a little with lotion if needed. 

STEP 2: start by lining the upper eye-lid of your eye with the liquid eye-liner as close to where your eyelashes start, leaving no skin gaps in between. Wait till it dries (most eyeliners you get in the market today dry by the time you finish applying, so there is hardly any waiting).

Now, learning to use the brush perfectly will take some practice, whether you use a felt tip brush (looks like a sketch-pen nib) or a bristle brush (looks like a thin paint brush) you can achieve the same look. It's all about getting used to handling it. Don't get impatient or disheartened if your eyeliner isn't perfect and even the first time!

STEP 3: line the eye just below your lower eye-lash as close to the eye as possible drawing as thin a line as you can. This may be a little harder than lining the upper lid so be prepared.

STEP 4: fill in your eye using a kajal pencil (how you usually put kajal), if you can, fill in the inner side of the lower and upper lid to give a deeper look.

STEP 5: Put mascara on you upper and lower eye-lashes to add even more depth and drama to your eyes.

For any correction: keep handy cotton swabs and Vaseline/lotion, just dip the cotton swap in it and gently rub off the unwanted liner.

There you have it, perfect Kohl-lined eyes, the liquid liner acts like a barrier that prevents the kajal from smudging ALL DAY!

To remove: Use cotton wool with baby oil/Vaseline/lotion and gently rub off the liner, wipe off with damp cotton wool and then wash of with water.

Photo credits for the last photograph: Angel Bedi

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  1. Awesomeeeee!!.. Putting eye liner is always a nightmare for me.. u made it look so easy..Love u!.. i'll try it for sure... xoxo..

  2. thnx a ton for this post...
    I am gonna definitely try this...

  3. ever thought of writing for magazines??? you must try.. its not just interesting but motivating too ;)