Friday, January 28, 2011

Rust-y Ladder

So, the other day my friends and I were doing what we usually do in between classes; sifting through fashion magazines! We came across this striking outfit in a rust and grey colour combination, and my friends suggested that I must try it, and I couldn't wait to! This outfit is a result of that inspiration moment we had.

Tip-toeing on this rusty old ladder was fun! Year's of dancing has sharpened by 'balancing' skills :)

Grey blazer: Hong-Kong thrift, rust sweater: to old to remember, black skirt and grey tank worn underneath: Forever 21, tights: GK- I M-Block market, ballet flats: Linking Road, Bombay, belt: thrift

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  1. Honestly- you and layering are like bread and butter! ;) :)
    Love the jacket!

  2. rusty done well! liking the way the rusty sleeves come out of the blazer:) great location too btw..

  3. i wanted to ask u i had done a trend report 2011 and now i am planning a post with other bloggers trying on those trends and other ones i have previously done like lace, military jacket,boyfriend blazer. I was wondering if u`d like to send me some pictures of you in some of those trends. u can see my posts on them and let me know, it`ll be fun :) mail me

  4. Oh Wow! The two colors do work well together so much!

  5. super cute! the layering and the colors are wonderful!


  6. you look fab!! now i'm inspired too :)

  7. mannnn even after so much of layering you look so thin!!! *JEALOUS!*

    lovely outfit~ very very stylish

  8. Thank you much!
    @ Dipilicious: Thank you :D but I can't take all the credit, it's only because I always wear figure flattering stuff! the trick is to understand your body-type and then just dress accordingly :)

  9. Lovely jacket. Love the crimson with the grey. You are pretty good at putting together your outfits!


  10. Love the Layering you've done.. <3 the Jacket too!! :)