Friday, November 12, 2010

I Heart Cosmo :)

That’s the November issue of Cosmo with the quirky and fabulous Katy Perry on the cover (P.S: I LOVE California girls!!) that recently hit stands...and guess who got featured in their street style section on page 115 along with other stylish girls from the streets of Delhi ???

Lucky Me :D

I've always loved the magazine and how it’s a great mix of style, beauty, fashion, gossip, advice and features; it’s my monthly dose of what every girl needs to know.
Fun, Fearless, Female!

That's me wearing an off white net tutu skirt, black V-neck Benetton tank, Chunky black and gold belt, jewelled peep toe flats, my brown sling bag and my Omega watch.

My names miss-spelt and I'm 21, not 22, but who cares? It Cosmo! he he

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  1. rukman!!!! :D this is soooooooooooo gonna buy this one for sure :D

    ***rochelle :)

  2. This is awesome. Congrats for being featured ! Its a gorgeous blog, saw it for the first time today !

  3. this is wooww... !!!
    well that picture is lovely ! lucky u !

  4. Thank you soo much you guys :)
    N Rohan, I hope you see it often now :)

  5. Awesome girl!!! .. have said it already though.. but ,, Congrats!!!!