Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flower Power!

So, the crazy submissions week is still on!, two more done today and the last one is due tomorrow, then its happy weekend time :)
Does everyone look forward to weekends as much as me?

Today's full length photos are at a funny angle so its looks like i have dwarf legs :( please excuse.

I wore this to Grad school today morning...i wanted to wear something bright and pretty! and i feel the hot pink tank and floral necklace did the trick. I'm also sporting my FAVOURITE bag in the world!!!

Pink tank: Old Navy, Brown jeggings and black button shrug: Bangkok thrift, Black suede flats: Charlotte Russe, Black leather 2.55: Chanel , floral neck-piece: Accessorize, black bow hairband (which you can't really see!): Forever 21

Isn't that the prettiest thing you've ever seen?

My two trusty basics; they go with everything!

Thanks for stopping by


  1. after seeing the pic in which you are sitting on the table - MY goodness !!! wott a tiny waist !!!
    and ur bag - love <3 !!!

  2. He he, the waist comes from my mom! :)
    and the bag is beautiful na?, i love it too!
    Thank you!