Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peacock Pick Me Up

A fun way to perk up a dull day is to put on something fun to wear, these new peacock feather earrings i bought inspired my outfit for this post.

Those are my dog's ears in the right hand corner pf the photo :P
Navy tank top: Forever 21, Grey pants: Hong Kong, Denim blazer: Benetton (when i was 14!), Heels: Bangkok, Bangles and thread cuff: Paharganj and Aldo, Peacock feather earrings: local market (20 rupees!)

This is a pretty juda stick i got from the 'Charu Prakashar' Fashion show at WIFW SS' 2011 and i don't really make juda's so, i found a fun way to use it instead!

My new Peacock feather earrings :) the colours are just so perfect!

Has a single piece ever inspired an entire outfit for you?

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  1. i like this one girl... !! very nice...

  2. Thank you:)
    I loved the checked shirt you were wearing in class today!

  3. those earings are simply superb...
    who takes all these lovely pics or urs?

  4. Along with the pretty clothes I absolutely love the makeup u put on your eyes... It highlights them perfectly...
    So, here is a request- could u pls do a post on how you put your eye makeup...
    I use kajal put it all gets smeared & doesn't come out right...

  5. i swear i have seen the same earrings at accessorize for a million more rupees. sheesh.

    LOVE this outfit. super quirky!

  6. @ Pranali: Thank you :)and,
    I'd love to do a post like that, what a great idea :) thanks! i use a combination of kajal and eye liner, its quite fun! doesnt smudge all day!

    and as or the pictures, i either click them with a self-timer myself :P or my lovely mom clicks them :D

    @Uthara: he he ... yay!!
    Im soo glad you checked out my blog Uthara :)
    n Thank you :)