Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time for Tights

So, i have crazy workload from college this week, submission after submission, gave a big one in today...phew!
I wore this to class today...i felt green and tight-sy :P
Random observation: the tights match with my curtains!

White puffed sleeved t-shirt and blank tank underneath: Forever 21, Denim skirt (DIY from mom's old Levis jeans :), I LOVE them!), Green tights: Hong Kong flea, paisley print scarf: McleodGanj thrift, Snakeskin print ballet flats: Charlotte Russe, Black bow hairband: Forever 21, beaded bracelet: thrift

This scarf is so versatile, a cute scarf in an interesting print/colour can give any regular outfit an instant lift...try it :)

DIY: Denim mini-skirt

This is an awesome trick to transform and re-use your old jeans (with a long-ish zipper area) , just cut them across, where the crotch/zipper ends and voila you have a trendy mini-skirt plus the frayed ends look great!

As you may have noticed, I live in ballet flats for college and casual wear, they're just so comfy and hassle-free! but for the smallest outing, I'm a heels girl!
Whats your favourite everyday footwear?

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  1. DIY denim skirt...its looking really nice...i hv bn searching a nice denim skirt 4 myself frm a long tym...i guess i shud also DIY my old jeans..do a post abt it..will b helpfull...
    nd tights r green..its looking more of a blakc in pics..well thts a nice casual outfit 4 college...k so thts a long comment :P

  2. He he , Thanks Sandhyaa :)
    I'll try and post a detailed comment about the DIY skirt soon :)
    and long comments are soo fun!