Friday, December 17, 2010

She wears the Pants

My mom's closet is a treasure chest of vintage finds and beautifully tailored pieces of clothing (plus they're free!). While desperately trying to find something 'formal' to wear for my final presentation at college day before we came across these really well-cut wide leg black pants, they're Benetton from like 10 years ago when it first came to India!
I instantly snapped them up! a tiny tuck here and a little shortening of the length and ...Voila!

When did she first wear the pants?
 Even though women started wearing trouser in the late 1800s, it wasn't till the 1970s that it became socially acceptable for women to wear them. It was the french fashion designer Andre Courreges who in the 1960s introduced long trousers for women as a fashion item, leading to the era of the pantsuit and designer jeans and the gradual eroding of social prohibitions against girls and women wearing trousers in schools and the workplace.
I find it really cool that in Britain during the Second World War, because of the rationing of clothing, many women took to wearing their husbands' civilian clothes, including their trousers, to work while their husbands were away from home serving in the armed forces. This both because trousers were considered comfortable and convenient work clothing and because it allowed women to keep there clothing allowances for other purposes.

Black trousers: Benetton, puffed sleeve top: Forever 21, floral scarf, bangles and belt: thrift, black suede peep toe stilettos: Charlotte Russe, Riding hat: H & M (gift from my lovely friend Aanchal, who is also one of the most creative people I know, she's also a budding photographer and we'll hopefully be doing some fun outfit shoots this winter :))

I love all kinds of floral prints :)

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  1. Love the shoes, Rukman! And I wish I were taller so I could carry off the pants like you :)

    Great post!

  2. Thanku!!!
    n I'm sure you could carry them of really well!

  3. hey rukman love your blog..btw I've always been averse to wide bottomed trousers because i thought I'm too thin to carry them off & always opted for skinny ones instead..but this one looks fabulous..Your mom surely has an amazing wardrobe!! Lucky you :)& I also love the scarf..So pretty!!

  4. OMG!!! You have created an amazing look... totally digging the pants.. Ur shoes are just perfect.
    And the use of green belt and the scarf is cherry on the top :)

    Interesting trivia u have posted... Though I think power dressing for women started in the 1980s... Right??

  5. Oh I forgot... loved the Cap... i totally want it :)

  6. i love floral prints too...and i like the color of the belt :)..hope u had a fabulous presentation!!

  7. Hey :)

    Lovely outfit and I love the poses :D

    The scarf is beautiful!!

  8. You carry pants really well. Nice write up on pants. I doubt it was not until the late 90s women started wearing pants to Congress (in US). It was just skirts and dresses until then.

  9. Love the pants!
    They look great on you!

  10. love d post!!
    love d outfit...n d pants trivia...
    btw...can u pls tell me whr u get ur charlotte russe shoes u get thm in india?? or are they frm 1 of ur trips abroad?? i really want ur collection of charlotte russe shoes....

  11. what a coincidence !
    i just did a shoot in pants today :P !!
    your look is so apt for a presentation day..
    and loving your heels !
    and i noticed that now you have started to avoid your face in the pics....why ?
    and in d same context>> visit my latest post... and i would like to know your opinion on d subject !

  12. I stumbled on ur blog today while browsing aimlessly but I'm so glad I did! U have a great blog and all the way u craft ur looks is commendable ! :)

    Do check out my blog at

  13. Thanks so much everyone :)

    @ Purvi, I think ure right about the major trend of power dressing starting in the 1980's but I think women started wearing trousers in public much before that.

    @ Melsa, Charlotte Russe hasn't come to India yet :( sad but true, I got them all on my trip
    to New York this October.

    @ Sandhyaa, I will definitely check it out :)
    and as far as the photographs go, I was having some privacy issues, so just wanted to be on the safe side n keep the posts a little anonymous, as long as the outfit shows I'm happy! lol

    Thank you for stopping by!!!


  14. Rocky I am LOVING this one! you look fabulous..keep it up. :)

  15. Those pants are ADORABLE. And i love how you've worn them x

  16. Thank you!
    And Devaki! I'm so glad you saw :)