Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Warm & Cuddly

This grey over-sized woolen pullover has been 'borrowed' from my dearest brother :)
It's the really comfy and warm and I could live in all day! It just goes to show that something comfortable need not look drab and boring, it can look fun and fabulous to!

Over-sized pullover: Brother's, black dress (worn under it): Benetton, Electric blue tights: Hong-Kong, studded elastic belt: Hong-Kong, Suede ankle boots: Charlotte Russe, Gold bracelet: Theme

Especially in winters when we tend to wear multiple layers and baggy clothes, BELTS are the perfect accessory to balance an outfit; they can be used to emphasize the waist and break down a bulky sweater/dress.

I have some belt trivia for you guys...
Did you know? that, before the 1920s, belts served mostly a decorative purpose, and were associated with the military, it was common for officers to wear extremely tight, wide belts around the waist, on the outside of the uniform. These tightly cinched belts served to draw in the waist and give the wearer a trim physique.
Isn't that cool!

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  1. With a tiny waist like that, you can carry off anything! And hell, you look gorgeous. Why don't you pick up a little healthy model and style her?

  2. About the trivia, its still the same. Military people still do it. = ]

    I love the look! Do you have any idea where I can get the tights from in Delhi?

  3. ::whistles::

    Love the pop of colour in the grey we're all experiencing :)

  4. didn't know that oversize pullover could look so awesome wen used with a belt...

  5. Oh and I must comment on how beautifully you carry off the bright blue leggings :)

  6. Thank you :)
    I'd love to style someone else in a future post :)
    and I must say I'm IN LOVE with coloured tights this season!

  7. awesome sweater!!... only you could have carried it so well!!

  8. Wow, you have a TINY waist! But cute outfit.

  9. wonderfull layering !!! love the outfit : ) looks so fun with the bright leggings!

    check out my blog too, iv just started :