Monday, December 13, 2010

Dress-ed to Chill

I think woolen dresses are great! they look cute and trendy but keep you really warm as well, especially when you have to sit on cold surfaces in the winters, it helps to have something warm covering your behind!
I wore mine with a black polo neck underneath and colorful tights!


Woolen dress: Old Navy, Black polo neck top: thrift, Brown skirt (worn underneath): Forever 21, Purple tights: Hong-Kong street, Brown boots: New York thrift, felt muffler and sling postman's bag: mom's


I'm going to share some tips about storage and maintenance of woolen clothes which work for me personally (I hope they help!). Since pure wool is a protein fiber (its animal hair; most commonly sheep hair) :
  • Always dry-clean/wash woolens before packing them away for storage, otherwise, there's a good chance you will find them half eaten by next winter! Keeping an Odonil or some naphthalene balls in a net bag with them also helps keep the microbes at bay!
  • If you get a stain on woolens remove it as promptly as possible. For lipstick stains, firmly rubbing a piece of white bread on the stain can work well.
  • Hang sweaters and dresses on padded hangers or preferably fold and keep, otherwise, the fabric will tend to hang and lose shape over time (wool is a crinkled fiber so over time the crinkles may open up making the garment longer and bigger).
Happy woolen wearing :)

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  1. loved the way u have combined the blue with purple leggings.... its a pretty warm look :) :)

  2. love the sling bag.


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    and oh those cool!!

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  5. Thank you :)and thanks for stopping by!

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  6. hey babes.. i love your woollen dress.. and nice touch of fabric knowledge.. :D

  7. I love how you mixed those two colors. Found yours blog hopping and glad I did. Will follow yours via bloglovin.

  8. Loving the blue, brown, violet combo!!! Loving it!!!
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  9. Wow! saw most of your posts, you have a very smart and chic style. Kudos to you :)

  10. I love the mixture of colour. It makes winter seem not so dreary!! xx

  11. Went through your ur dressing girl!!