Saturday, January 15, 2011

Take 2


I have my 'go to' outfits for days when I can't think of what to wear (yes, just like everyone else I have those days to).
I wore the same sweater (which is my brothers!) a while back in a 'different but similar' outfit, for todays outfit I just played with the color of the tights and the accessories a little but kept the essential look the same. You can see the earlier look in an earlier post HERE
Here's a sneak peak:
I'd love to know which one you liked more?

Over-sized pullover: Brother's, tights: Bangkok thrift, Black dress (worn under): Benetton, black scarf and belts: thrift, Suede boots: Charlotte Russe

The black scarf I'm wearing in this post isn't actually an infinity scarf, but since I thought it would look nice with my outfit, I just knotted up the ends of my regular scarf and put the knot at the back and VOILA!

My classmate and friend Suhani has become my second photographer now :) 
Thank you!

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  1. I prefer the pink tights look to the blue one. Interesting re-mixing!

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  3. i love the one with the pink's brighter :)

  4. totally lovin the one with pink tights! :D

    i am so jealous of your waistline Rukman ! :)

  5. Since you asked, pink is attracting me more! :)

  6. Pink looks good
    and the scarf makes the sweater look more interesting

  7. d pink one looks oh-so-stylish!!!
    luvin it!!!

  8. Pink pink pink!!! how we girls seem to love this colour to no end!!! & pink & black is the hottest combo if you ask me!

  9. Another vote for the pink. Cute outfit.

    My poor pink tights are always just sitting in my drawer playing second fiddle to my purple, plum, teal and black tights because I never figure out how to wear them without them looking too loud. This seems to work.

  10. PINK ONES! I like your blog/style:)<3

  11. nice one girl.. and the pics came out so well.... very nice.. n i like the pink one better...

  12. pink -hands down! with those two belts for sure...

  13. Just chanced across your blog...You have an amazing knack of carrying anything off with grace...