Monday, January 17, 2011

Brick by Brick & Layer by Layer

The NIFT campus in New Delhi is small but beautiful! it has some very interesting architecture, lot's of artwork, oodles of talent, and some refreshing greenery as well! (everything you would expect from a design institute + more!)
My lovely friend and classmate Shivani (who is also a fellow blogger; check her blog out HERE) took my photographs today in the NIFT campus; Thank You Shivani :)

I loved the pile of bricks at the side...such a nice site for photographs :)

Acid-washed jeans: Bangkok, Black sweater: Benetton, Grey open sweater: Promod, Belt and printed racer back (worn underneath; peaking out from under my top): thrift, striped grey t-shirt: Westside, boots: Wet Seal, clutch-wallet: Forever 21

I love layered dressing; its functional and stylish at the same time. It was my mom who first taught me the basics of how to layer (longer tops below shorter ones and complimentary/similar toned colors teamed together are a safe bet) but ofcourse, there are no real 'Rules' to dressing up, it's something so personal and spontaneous!
 I kept the color palette of todays outfit very basic but I really liked it that way!

With so many layers in my outfit (four to be precise!) The slim waist-cinching belt was much needed to break the bulk and give my outfit some shape.

Also, a big shout out to the O-MAN for lending me his cool iphone 4 to click :)

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  1. The best part of this layering is the printed racer back. The print as well as the belt has glamorized the look... Way to go girl...

  2. I love layering too! Your open grey sweater is quite a nice layer to add ;)

  3. To be honest, I dont really love layering, but one things for sure, i LOVE the way you've done it :) Love the background/setting too- so different and fun!

  4. Love the little tank tops peeking out, and great location.

  5. I too dig layering big time. You've created an interesting layered look here and its complimenting ur lean frame very well!

  6. the pictures came out so well in that location.... awesome.. n i always love what u wear so.. kudos...

  7. many bricks on the wall eh! but nice enselble despite the many layers you say..;)

  8. Lovely cardigan! Nice the location for the shoot.

  9. I always always adore design school campuses! You're right about this spot.

    And your purple vest is lovable. You've done really good with the layering! :)