Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

A big THANK YOU to Pithsala from As I like It for choosing me as her stylish blogger and giving me this award! I'm very flattered :)
She has a lovely blog and a chic and elegant sense of style and is having an awesome ASOS giveaway right now! Check it out here.

As go the 'Rules' of this award, I'm going to be sharing 7 random facts about myself with you guys:

1. I'm insanely tidy and organized, I love putting everything in its place. (It can get a little annoying at times :P) , anyone hear a Monica Geller?!

2. I go to school at NIFT, New Delhi and am in my IInd semester of a Masters in Fashion Management.

3. I LOVE thrift shopping and hunting for fabulous bargains in the most unexpected places.

4. I have the two cutest dogs; Joe: a over hyper American Spitz and Fifi: an adorable Dalmatian.

5. I have a tattoo.

6. I feel originality is under-rated.

7. I am a foodie to the core! and my favorite place to eat in Delhi is 'The Big Chill Cafe'.

I'm going to be passing on the award to 7 blogger's whose blogs I love to follow; I love their style and often go to them for inspiration. I'm sure many of them have already received many awards, but here's to one more :)

I hope they accept it.

The RULES for accepting are simple, you must:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Give the appreciation and award to 7 bloggers and let them know of their award.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Hey
    thanks a lot Rukman :) we'll be glad to accept it.

  2. thank you soo much rukman , will be honored to accept it :) love your style . Here's to more awesome posts from you :-)

  3. hey babes.. awesome.. n trust me.. i think m monica geller too... hehe ,,,

  4. Thanks babes!!! I happily accept it :)

  5. Hello lovely!
    I'm loving every bit of this blog.
    Unfortunately it isn't cold enough for us to step out in jackets.
    Cardigans is all we get to wear.
    You have a fantastic winter.
    And thankyou for this award. :]


  6. Thank you so much for accepting :D
    you all have such fabulous blogs! I'm a fan!