Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Semester II

It's back to school for me and this is what I wore on my first day of semester II, it was a chilly day, which meant 2 sweaters + a coat!
Since I mentioned coats, I thought I'd share a little something about :
 The trench coat was first developed during the 1st World War after which it became an item of clothing for the British Army. Invention of the trench coat is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum's claim dating back to the 1850s. But Burberry still makes some of the best and most beautiful trench coats!
 Infact, the Burberry trench is so iconic that the brand has a website Art of the Trench
which is a beautiful collection of photographs of real people from all over the world wearing Burberry trench coats and outerwear (Shot by the God; Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist himself). It celebrates the heritage and history of the Burberry trench.

Striped polo-neck sweater: Benetton, Black cardigan: GAP, tights: Kaza, Knitted boots: Venus Steps, Coat: Vibe, Bag: Kipling


Sunshine on your face on a chilly winter day is pure BLISS!

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  1. love your outfit...especially the shoes and the jacket :)

  2. Very pretty... Love the way you have layered your outfit... And yes I just love those shoes :)

  3. I looove what you're wearing here! All the colours are totally required to make the winters cheerful :)

  4. i really like tht highneck top....

  5. super stylish!

    love the way u dress up. love the bag and the striped sweater the most here... eve the boots are lovely