Friday, April 1, 2011

3 Buns and Blue Beads

This outfit was very 'by-chance' (if you know what I mean). My summer clothes have been lying on my rooms floor in a big pile since a week now (I swear I'm going to put them in my closet this weekend :P) so, when I get ready for school every morning it's a little hard as I can't seem to find anything anymore, I've put away all my winter clothes and the summer clothes aren't very wearable yet. So, this outfit came out from some of my wardrobe staples (I define them as items that stay in my closet all year round, no matter the season) read: basic tank, pastel shirt and my trusty high waist skirt (which I've also worn HERE and HERE).

Pink tank-top: Old Navy, Shirt: H & M, Skirt: Zingrin, pearl detailing ballet flats: bangkok street, blue beads: thrifted (I got them from Janpath {flea market in New Delhi, India} 7-8 years ago for 10 rupees {pats self on back})

Now for the explanation behind today's seemingly funny post title (and those funny blobs of hair peaking out from the sides of my head in the photos above. Am I the only one who noticed them ?). 
I'm sure a lot of you know about the lovely Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, she has an amazing blog full of inspiration and fun ideas. I recently saw some great Hair Tutorials on her blog (I'm so exited to try all of them in the coming week!). 
The one you see above is the three twisted buns one (it's so simple and takes like 3-4 minutes to put together!) Mine is really untidy and its a sick picture, but it was really awesome in reality :) I got a lot of compliments and it kinda made me feel like a fancy working-gal!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Lovely outfit, it looks great on you. You got such a perfect figure, everything looks good on you. Thank you for commenting...I hope you follow me, I've got lots of good food on my blog, I'll fatten you up:) You have a great sense of style, I like the combinations you use. I lived in India for 5 years by the way, in New Delhi. I love Indian food, especially rosgollah!

  2. Hi!
    Thank you so much, you are to kind! I am following your blog now, the food looked to yummy to resist! :) you have a lovely blog by the way!
    It's so great that you stayed in India for 5 years and that to New Delhi! You must tell me next time you come to India! :)

  3. It's buns like these that make me mis my long hair the most!
    Love the colour palette and your beads!

  4. haha i did the notice the two blobs of hair sticking out, and yes did wonder what that was all about!! love the hair though and thats a gorgeous skirt you got there!

  5. The hair looks so damn chic! I must try!:)

  6. those buns are really sooooo cute :)
    And I love this skirt of yours, it truly is versatile :)

  7. How cool r those buns!!!
    I like ur skirt and those pink shoes!

  8. Great collection!
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  9. Gorgeous look!
    Love your hair!


  10. Love this!


  11. Hey.. U look great in the outfit. I like the pink and blue combination and the buns are too cute..
    I am now following you and i'll love if you will visit my blog too.

  12. I love the way the simplicity and clean lines of the outfit have given attention to the necklace, which is lovely and just my kind of thing.

    Great hair. I love to get experimental with my locks.

    Now following you in return, sorry it took me so long!

  13. Thank you so much! I'm really glad you stopped by! :)

  14. Great colors! Adorable!