Friday, April 22, 2011

Barbie Like?

I wore this cute little outfit to school the other day and it made me feel like Barbie for a bit (it was fun).
I'd been thinking about styling this old green cotton skirt of mine (which is supposed to be worn low-waisted) for a while, it's such a beautiful colour and it's so SS '2011!
 I'd been thinking of a way to make it more current and more 'me' so I just tightened it's drawstrings and  pushed up the extra fabric at the back and tucked it safely under my trusty belt! :)
It made the length more fun and flirty as well!
I wasn't to sure about the sandals with this outfit though, what do you guys think?

Skirt and belt: thrifted, printed tee: Mussourie, Old Navy tank (worn under), sandals: thrifted (Janpath, New Delhi)

Happy Happy Good Friday to you all :)
I hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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  1. t t shirt is very cute, yeahh barbie-ishh :)

  2. Skirt is blue? Am I colorblind? OMG
    And I think strappy flats would've been cute!

  3. Cute Outfit!!love the colour combination :)

  4. Oh cutie! the outfit is really doll-like! The footware would have been more colorful. Add a princess hairdo to the look and u r perfect 10!

  5. Rukipuki.. thats the cutest dress ever.. Love It..