Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of Trees and Leaves

I feel like I merge in with the background with this outfit; the green and brown of the trees, the white of the walls.

Lace tank top: Bangkok, white shirt: H & M, Jeans: Benetton, Belt: Mussourie, Kolahpuri's (slippers): thrifted, charm pendant: self made (well, kind of)

 I made this pretty little charm pendant myself by putting together 2 rings and one big safety-pin into a regular neck chain and then doubling it up to make it shorter :)
(Aren't I talented :P)
Make your own charm pendant by just chaining together all the pretty little trinkets you can find which have some sorta loop/whole in them (to put a chain/thread through).
It's quite fun :D

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  1. I love the green with the jeans. It really pops. and I really want some great sandals like that!

  2. Beautiful outfit and gorgeous pendant! I love to dress up too but I haven't got a clue of what goes with what. Maybe I can learn from you. I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily! I found you at joannagoddard's blog.

  3. I LOVE the kolhapuris! been looking for something exactly like it! I can so see why you wouldnt tire of them! Love the belt too.. that bit of a rustic look..

  4. That belt is the shizzle! And I LOVE that you went for tan Kolhapuris, not the coloured ones.

  5. Can you make one such necklace? :) Pls! I do not have such trinkets!

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  6. Trust a NIFT student to come up with such a thing!
    Love the charm pendant! especially that tiny leaf!

  7. you really are a belt person, and well done on the neck piece! and I love how all the 'looks' look so comfortable !

  8. Thats an interesting charm necklace....