Sunday, March 13, 2011

Freedom is White!

So, my exams have officially ended (atleast for the next 2 months) :) They ended a few days ago but, I have to admit that I've been to busy having fun to post :P
About this outfit; you guys remember the the guest post I did for Jahn titled 'Monochrome Madness' (check out a sneak peak HERE) and the Victorian style white dress that I wore as a top there, well, this is what the complete dress actually looks like!

White dress: thrifted, belt and wedges: Bangkok, Chain bag: Hong-Kong, flower ring: Hong-Kong, Chain and pears necklace: Bombay, Nail-paint: Chanel 159 Fire

                    It's a very simple dress, but the collar detailing is just so beautiful!

I hope you guys had a nice weekend! 
It's Holi next week! yay!!!
I would love to know how you guys usually celebrate this lovely 'Festival of Colours' each year?

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  1. I go mad every holi. My face is all black due to this whole mixture of all the colors they pour on me. I am pretty much not recognizable...we go wild with the colors! Happy holi to you....:D

    And you look lovely in white :)

  2. Very nice dress! A wardrobe essential!

  3. The all white is lovely :)

  4. I love your dress. I was trying to know where you got it from. When you said- thrifted, now I know I cannot get it. :(((

    But I love it.

  5. love the dress Rukman, you look fabulous! and that's nice about versatile dresses like this; with a little creativity, you can wear it as a top as well :):)

  6. The first words that came to my mind was "Absolutely Classy!" girl, you really are classy and fab! xoxox

  7. What beautiful outfits, both this one and the one you did as the guest post!

  8. Love the all white outfit!

  9. i love your dress

  10. gorgeous. white can look very glamorous and classy if accessorized well, i love the belt, chain bag, flower ring and the pearls around the neck. perfect. the red nail paint looks FAB with white :) 10/10

    Holi! ohh, it used to my favorite . now my skin is too sensitive to deal with all the colors + the sun + the water.. i've become very "don't throw dirty water" on me kinds :/ spoils sport. but i love the dancing part and that everyone looks hilarious and don't give a damn about it

    will you be doing a post on "what to wear on holi"? please do! :D

  11. Thank you so much!

    and, that's a fun idea for a post! Will try :)

  12. LOVE this!