Sunday, May 29, 2011

Working Gal

So, I know my post title is a little cheezy, but, I just started my summer internship and its my first internship/working experince in a 'real' office ever! and I'm so exited!
I've been a little confused on how to dress up for work; casual and comfortable but still put-together and chic is what I'm trying to go for. I haven't quite figured out my office-outfit style yet (which also explains the lack of daily outfit posts the past week) but, I think I'm getting back on track!
 I promise a fun work outfit tmr :)

This is what I wore to work on one of the days this past week.
I hope everyone is having a nice summer vacation full of family, friends and fun!

Have a lovely week ahead and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I really like the touch of green of the belt against the entire outfit!! All the best for your internship :)

  2. This looks cute. I really like the flats and the belt especially.

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  4. Hey,

    Your blogs are fun and interesting. Love them!

    Keep up the good work.

  5. You look chic! Good luck with the internship!

  6. good luck for your internship
    And keep posting! Love your blog :)

  7. Very cute belt. Lovely subtle colour blocking. I hope you're enjoying the office?

  8. I love what your wearing on your neck...add so much os panache....!! way to it!

  9. that green belt adds an instant pop, love it!!

  10. Good luck with your internship! You're lucky you're working in an office with a casual dresscode (hello! jeans!). I've worked in some offices with REALLY conservative dress codes (including one internship which was suits or suit-equivalents at all time) and dressing creatively for that (especially at 7 in the morning) is INCREDIBLY difficult. I would usually go for subtle statement necklaces or bracelets (or a subtle bracelet/bangle/watch stack) with basic sheath dresses and a blazer on top. LOVE sheath dresses now! I have them in every conservative-office-appropriate color (read: black, three different greys, navy, olive, tan; need an off-white one). Belts and cute flats can also be great for the office. And pencil skirts and blouses (some beautiful colors out on the market right now; I think I'll go shopping for them this weekend), though length can be tricky for that because flats don't work with longer pencil skirts and heels suck for the DC/NYC commute.)

    I guess my whole rant is more relevant for the corporate/think tank/government suit type offices -- not creative fields like yours! (i.e. I need to go invest in sooo many more clothes like those since I'll be working in law offices!)