Saturday, May 14, 2011


Inspiration; the dictionary defines it as "stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity", We all need it, and, sometimes we all run out of it. I personally feel that inspiration is what stops us from merely existing and helps us 'live'. Today, I thought I'll share some of my inspiration with you guys.

He's got the hop in his walk

 A windy day

 I love the hair, the boots, the feel...


Love Love

Natalie Portman in Valentino for Vogue

Red & Dance

(Images from hereherehere and here)

I've mentioned Pinterest on the blog before and it really is the best place to put together your inspiration and the things you love and share it with others (it's also crazy addictive!, I'm warning you!).
I'm giving out 4 Pinterest invites to my lovely readers this week. So, go check out the The site (and my boards there :)) and if you want an invite, just leave a comment below with your email id, and I'll get in touch with you :)

Also, I'd love to know how you like my 'Inspiration post' , because I have a lot more inspiration to share :)

Have a nice Sunday and most importantly, stay inspired!

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  1. I totally agree with you on the part that we all need inspiration in some form or the other to live life to the fullest!& yes Pinterest is actually quite interesting! <3

  2. I love inspiration posts! :)

  3. Lovely!!! :)

    have emailed you my id..
    - akanksha

  4. Thank you! I'll get back to you soon Akanksha :)

  5. Beautiful pictures!

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  6. great post. the pics are lovely and i checked out pinterest too. great site, thanks for telling me about it. I came across your blog for the first time today and girl it is awsm!!

  7. oooh i love all the pictures..

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  8. Lovely shots!

    Quite like your rose scarf in the SimplicT post!

  9. what beautiful images!

    you are so right about inspiration - makes all the difference. a person totally broken in life needs that inspiration to stand up again and face the world.

    i love the website...saw your board! fabulous, good fun and im sure its very addictive

    wanna join wanna join hehe please pretty please ;>

    my email address is -->

  10. love these photos..i am saving them for inspiration!

  11. hey..awesome blog....great sense of style u have...:)
    i reallly wanna know how wud a navy blue tube-top look over a black tight tee??is it going 2 b a fashion disaster??? :|
    i m totally confused....