Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tweed Tales + Featured

We all know what a huge trend the boyfriend blazer has been the past year, celebrities like Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Bilson, Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham and even Rihanna (to name a few) have been spotted rocking the look.
I wanted mine with a slight twist and found this beautiful vintage tweed blazer, its mostly browns with hints of red, blue and purple yarns woven into the fabric ... BEAUTIFUL!
It has the most gorgeous mauve lining and even though its a little to big for me, I couldn't resist wearing it today!


My camera is giving up on me so Ive been using my brothers i phone to take pictures lately! Its about time I bought myself a decent camera, don't you think?

Tweed blazer: Vintage Bizzare, stone-washed jeans: Penny Lane, Suede ballet flats: The Shoe Garage, Grey tank: Forever 21, White t-shirt: thrift, neck chain and bangle: thrift

I liked how rolling up the sleeves gave the the blazer slight power-shoulders :)


Guess who got featured in the Indian Express Sunday magazine 'Eye' last Sunday :)
Lucky Me :D

It's a lovely article on how the internet is democratizing fashion, it's a very interesting read and you can read the full article HERE

That's me in the magazine wearing my Club Monaco ruffled lily scarf, my DIY denim skirt (which you can't really see!) and a black t-shirt and tights.

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  1. Congratulations!The scarf is fab and love the way u have created the whole look. Way to go!

  2. My My!!! Somebody gets featured in the newspaper :)
    You must be loving it :)
    I have never really tried the boyfriend jacket look... I think will try it soon
    Also... Loved the scarf :)

  3. Congratulations on the feature!!
    and the jacket is fab :) ur shoes too!

  4. Thanks a lot :)
    and you should definitely try it Purvi! I think u would look great!

  5. hey..thanks for your lovely comment....
    i must say...i love that vintage-looking blazer..and it flatters you much...
    by the way just read the article...and it sure does bring fashion blogging into the big scene....
    it had some great words and congrats on the feature...!!!!!!!

  6. Hey! Congratulations!
    You look gorgeous!

  7. Congrats again on the feature .... and I am a big fan of Jackets ... tweed the better! :)

  8. oh congrats on the feature gal...keep up the good work!! :D xxx

  9. Congratulations on the feature. You deserve it.

    I like how you rolled up your sleeve. I think that's key to draw the focus on you and the outfit than just on the gorgeous vintage blazer.

  10. Thank you!
    I'm very partial to boyfriend blazers :)