Sunday, December 26, 2010

Infinite Me

Sorry for lagging on posts lately, I've been to busy enjoying the holiday season :P, I hope everyone is having a great time as well :)
One of my newest buys is this black knitted infinity scarf with metallic yarns. Sometimes called an infinity scarf, eternity scarf, tubular scarf, circle scarf, snood, or loop, infinity scarves are popping up everywhere lately on celebrities and in stores. The only difference between an infinity scarf and a regular scarf is that it is fully connected in a circle. 

Infinity scarf and olive sweater: thrift, Black jeans: GK 1 M Block Market basements, Knitted Boots: Venus Steps, Striped tee: Old Navy,  cool denim jacket: Benetton

How to wear an Infinity Scarf 

The most common way to wear an infinity scarf is to loop it around the neck twice, since mine is a more fine fabric I looped it thrice and just played with the levels of the loops a bit,  its a really fun accessory to wear! 
I put together some fun ways to wear one:
  • Putting it through your arms to make it look like a vest
  • Looping it around the neck; twice or thrice
  • Looping it around your neck and then putting it over your head
  • You can even loop it around the neck once and then let the rest hang out on you back; it's a very old Hollywood style of wearing a scarf.
I love Jessica Alba's leopard print one! She really rocks the look!

I love the slight biker chic look this denim jacket has.

These were my favorite boots last winter (as their worn out condition may tell!)

(Images courtesy:,,,

Belated Merry Christmas! and enjoy the holiday season!

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  1. The scarf styling is fab!!!
    Have a great 2011 dear!!!
    Fashion Panache

  2. hey! dunno how i came across ur blogs frankly. bt m jus blown away by ur blogs n ur sense of style!! its awesome!! best wishes!!

  3. Thank you, I'm really glad you stopped by.
    I hope you both have a fabulous new year!

  4. You are rocking it biker chick ;)

  5. this get-up is rad! and the second shot is attitude matching the clothes... nice one!