Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hello! and sorry for being such a bad blogger! I know I've been MIA for a bit and to make up for it, I have a colourful and fun surprise planned for you guys in the coming week :) {clue: NIFT, New Delhi, is having its annual cultural festival SPECTRUM, and it's gonna be awesome! and, ofcourse you guys will get the all the updates} :D

The past week I have been wearing some very cute outfits (according to myself) but, I've had no one to click my photographs :(
This is what I wore on Friday and Saturday :P, guilty as charged.
Do you ever wear the same outfit 2 days in a row? are you a repeater?

Grey skinny jeans: Select CityWalk Flea Market (gift from friend), long black t-shirt: thrift, black sweater: Benetton, Red tie-top: mom's , suede boots: Charlotte Russe, pendant and rings: Acceessorize + thrift

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!

Thanks for stopping by, and see you guys soon!



  1. I love the colours. Very nice.

    And no, I would never wear the same outfit two days in a row.

  2. the colors are very nice and the combination of the wrap and sweater is grt!!
    nooooo, i cane never be caught wearing the same outfit two days in a row..for me its a personal fashion sacrilege!!!

  3. I think its perfectly fine to wear an outfit two days in a row, especially when its that nice!

  4. I do it ALL the time. Haha! I think its great and just shows the extent to which you can love an outfit ;) !
    Love the red on you!

  5. The red wrap is hot! :)
    Can't repeat outfits consecutively, somehow..:)

  6. as i rule i never wear two outfits in a row... but considering ur outfit, i dont think even i can help myself! The red wrap is soooo amazing!
    Also love ur ring!

  7. He he, I loved reading your awesome comments!
    Thank you :D

  8. in a row? wow! no i repeat my jeans for a week :P

  9. Im sure everyone does it, but they just wont agree! haha But ye, i do it once in a while too especially if i love a certain something!!
    Cute outfit!! Love the necklace!

  10. Hello :) I heard great stuff about your blog once i started mine. You've got a great flow going and some really nice fashion. Thank you for inspiring me!